Publicado en: 24 octubre, 2015

The face behind Enrique Peñalosa

Por BogotaCapital

Enrique Peñalosa was born in the United States, however when you look your web page and access the link , this reference does not appear anywhere.


Is this forgetfulness is involuntary or will the brand win candidate and expert polls, prefer that the citizens will not stand balls to his birthplace? Do you prefer Peñalosa and his campaign team where it comes to hide in his attempt, the fifth, reaching a roller mayor seems more and not the guy layer 94 really is?

I gave myself the task of carefully reading the resume of the former mayor and found that graduated from Duke University, one of the most recognized private institutions in the United States and the world. His promotion is the 1978 scholarship and left for his sport. It was not until age 25 that Enrique Peñalosa came to live in Bogotá.

As is a common activity in the gringo universities that students are part of the papers, I came to search the DukeToday Enrique Peñalosa and these were the results:

There were four items that relate to him, but I was particularly struck by the last, entitled Student’s Review (February 1977), so I got to see what was there and found surprise is beyond belief.

The article consists of a series of questions to different college students on topics such as sports, health, economics, leadership, feminism, gender, political, etc. Each student answers in their native language supposedly Enrique Peñalosa and appears among the participants speaking in Spanish (if born in the United States, his native language must be English, but surely the origin of their parents, so did the exercise with him).

The question has to do with economics (career studying) and is: What do you think of the middle and lower friend?

The answer is creepy, you look:

I do not know what you think of that answer, but I do not seem right or proper for a person is classified as a brilliant mind. His contempt for other than their own social classes shows a mile away, is it thinking it was a youth and can be classified as a mistake? However, in analyzing current positions Peñalosa, one tends to believe that the thing has not changed much to say.

Penalosa is a billionaire, and I’m not here considering the money that has entered him for the replenishment of votes of the elections in which he has participated, he has lived all his life in the best cities in the world, in mansions and enjoying the good life . When it comes to Bogota, face down changes and late model cars to riding the bicycle he uses to get around the city, though, just to the north, south or be told to go over there because he nothing has to go do.

Peñalosa is the candidate of entrepreneurs, builders. Your business and link with Cemex is evident from the discussions that ensures that Bogotá should triple its built area in the coming years, clear to his friends make money at the point of contract. For that reason, I think that in 1977 Enrique Penalosa said in a university newspaper, it is very close to reality.

Someone close, very close to his campaign, he confessed that the best way to get Peñalosa of your comfort zone is put to speak (to level) of someone he considers below her class and just look at his campaign and people around him and with whom he comes in photos and videos, to realize that it is.

I will not vote for Peñalosa Sunday, I’ve found a simple inquiry about it scares me and I think the city does not deserve someone like that rule, rather we have had three governments in a row on the left and the debacle to which we have taken.

Eye Bogota, we must vote well, maybe this is the last chance to pick someone really prepared and generates confidence. We can not go wrong again.