Strike of dignity, courage and love to the homeland


Fighting with his brother and accuse him to stay in the opposite. This situation hasn’t resolved the problem of serious evidences of corruption in the environment of our president, Rafael Correa. The economic measures announced recently have been exposed as a reproduction of the known neoliberal measures taken by other governments. What the government claims, in based of collect taxes, is to get money to solve the serious problems of deficit, because of the policies of assistance that has been generated that Rafael Correa still maintaining a high acceptance in the popular sectors, it is costing him more than o­ne difficulty in the middle of the general crisis of the system.

The Rafael Correa’s government maintains a downward trend in terms of credibility with the citizens whom Correa says represent. The persecution to popular leaders, respected and among organizations like Unión Nacional de Educadores (UNE), the bigger syndicate of teachers, other syndicates, federations of students, indigenous organizations is exploding in his face. The willing of adopt laws unwise and undemocratic in the education system has a unitary and mobilization of young students in the street facing repression as in neoliberal times.

From this week the government faces an indefinite strike of teachers, who have been threatened and mocked. The teachers are outraged because they are called unable, mafiosi, and corrupt teachers. The government doesn’t understad that the teachers have contributed to the sense of patriotism, love of national dignity and with the fight against the attempt imperialist intervention. The teachers have been key players in the classroom and in the streets fighting against neoliberalism, while our president and his ministers were studying abroad thinking, surely, in an individual interest.

The indigenous made big assemblies and plan a possible uprising, which would add discomfort to the already heated political atmosphere.

The discourse of citizenship used by the regime is empty, it pretends hide the existence of social classes and the irreconcilable fight between them. The millionaire campaign that the government makes is used for people to believe that in Ecuador our president is making a change and that harmony takes over the country. However, the poverty increases, the democratic rights are violated, and the impunity increases too.

The fight of teachers is a change in the political stage of Ecuador. All of the popular areas, affected by policies of the government, are waiting for the results of this strike.

The government will have to face a similar stage thar in the pass, in “Opción” newspaper, Rafael Correa interpreted as a patriotic fight against&nbsp the arrongance and abuse of power groups. Correa will be in the same situation that the pass defeat governments. The government has to decide if it ascribes to the fight of change or to the reactionary sectors to believe in their pocketbooks and not in the Ecuadorian people and homeland.

The dignity, courage and love to the homeland shown by our teachers will become in a way to the Socialism. Teachers, you have our solidarity. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!